The Seventh International Four Societies Conference

Conference Programme

The Seventh International Four Societies Conference is sponsored by Tokyo Club, Japan Foundation, Egusa Foundation for International Cooperation in the Social Sciences, and Nomura Foundation.

Registration as an audience

As there are some vacant seats for the audience, the deadline of application is extended to 22 May 2018.

  • This is the Registration Form for those who intend to attend, as an audience, the Seventh International Four Societies Conference (2-3 June 2018).
  • Please fill out the form and send it to the designated e-mail address before 10 May 2018.
  • Based on ‘first-come, first-served’, it would be impossible to admit the attendance once the seats were fulfilled.
  • If you are duly registered, the JSIL will let you know how to access to the presentation papers uploaded on the Dropbox.
  • The final version of the programme will be made public in mid-April 2018.


Announcement of the decision of the conference coordinator international conference reporter

January 23, 2018

Reporter at an international conference hosted by four international academic societies of the Japan International Law Association, the American International Law Association, the International Law Association of Canada, the International Law Association of Australia and the International Law Association of Australia and New Zealand, to be held at the Waseda International Conference Hall in Tokyo from June 2 to 3, 2018 We recruited and thank you for receiving application from many members. Selection of the reporter was conducted by the International Exchange Committee based on the review of the selection committee established by the International Exchange Committee of the Society. As a result, we will inform you that the following 4 members will participate in the Japanese conference as a reporter from this society.

  • 小坂田裕子(Nakagyo University)
  • 川岸伸(Shizuoka University)
  • 竹内真理(Kobe University)
  • 和仁健太郎(Osaka University)(Alphabetical order, title

International Exchange Chairperson of the International Law Association

International conference of academic societies (7th) Guidance for recruitment

International Exchange Chairperson 兼原敦子

March 10, 2017

④ The international conference of the academic conference is being held jointly by 4 academic societies of Canadian International Law Association, American International Law Association, Australia – New Zealand International Law Association, Japan International Law Association. The first meeting was held in Wellington, New Zealand in June 2006, the second meeting was in Edmonton, Canada in September 2008, the third meeting was held in Awaji Yumeatan International Conference Hall in Japan in August 2010, the 4th meeting The meeting was held in September 2012 in Berkeley, California, the fifth meeting was held in Canberra, Australia in July 2014, the sixth meeting was held in Canadian waterloo in July 2016. The seventh conference will be held in Tokyo on 2 – 3 June 2018, hosted by the Japan International Law Association. The unified theme of the 7th meeting is “Changing Actors in International Law”. For details, please see Call for Papers. The recruitment procedure is as follows. Please go ahead and apply for it.

Ⅳ International Conference on Society (7th) Recruitment Guidelines

  •  (For more information, please see Call for Papers
  • Eligibility: Be a member of the society (to be a member at the latest at the international conference)

  • Application documents:

  •  (1)Report plan (300 words or less in English)
  •  (2)English language resume (including key achievements, details of the report plan of (1) (English) may be attached as an alternative to major achievements or supplementary main achievements)
  • Number of applicants: 4 people from our society

  • Application deadline: December 1, 2017
  • Application form submission destination (Please attach it with e-mail)

  •   International Committee of International Law Association Secretary Takeo Horiguchi, Da Tamada
  •   thoriguchi◎; tamada◎ (◎=@)
  • Selection of reporter: The International Exchange Committee conducts based on the opinion of the selection committee composed of members commissioned by the International Exchange Chairperson.

  • Travel expenses etc will be borne by you.


Interaction with Korean International Law Association

MOU with Korean International Law Association